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Potential Calories Burned Per Class

In a single class, you can burn up to 600 calories in a 50 minute session!


Recommended Days Per Week

Want to see results quickly? We recommend that you come between 4-6 days a week for the best results!


members per class

We focus on small group training classes so that you can receive individualized attention to your fitness goals.

the 50 minute workout

shape your body with

the program

Balance is key. We incorporate indoor rowing on the Concept 2 rower and add circuit training to give you a total body workout like no other. HIIT training combined with the low impact movement of the rower make for a safe and fun exercise that can be done more frequently without the impact on the joints. The rower movement incorporates the entire body from the legs all the way up to the shoulders. The HIIT portion of class targets the core and incorporates cardio training.

Small Group Training

The smaller class size helps you get more moments of one on one interaction with the instructor. It really feels like personal training!

The Equipment

The machines are the industry standard Concept 2 rower. They are the industry standard for a reason...they last a lifetime and are efficient at what they do.

The Instructors

The Instructors are here to push you through the class as you work through the intervals. there are plenty of moments when you need that extra push to get to your goal and they are here to do just that.

Total Body Exercise

Target most major muscle groups in your body to help with gradual fat loss with consistent training and nutritional diets.

Low Impact Exercise

Taking class in martial arts quality mats delivers a low impact environment where the joints take less impact. less impact means less injury and less injury means you can stay consistent in your training.

Burn Fat

Rowing on the concept 2 burns on average 400 to 600 calories and that along with a healthy and balanced diet will get you to look toned up.


The Drive Sequence

The Catch

Is the beginning of your stroke where your knees are bent, shins are vertical, arms are straight, and body has a slight forward bend

The Drive

Begins with pushing off with you Legs, then lean slightly back, keeping the Core tight, and then pulling with your Arms.

The Finish

Is where your upper body is leaned slightly back, legs are extended, and the handle is pulled to your lower chest.

The Recovery

ACL is bringing you back to the catch position. You begin by extending your arms, leaning from your hips forward, and then begin bending your knees until you are back in the catch position.

the conclusion

Distributing the workout to all of the major muscle groups makes it easier to recuperate after a workout and helps to make them more habitual. the best way to get results is through consistency and at The Row we train with that in mind.


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